Monday, September 20, 2010

New York is not dead!

On Saturday, the Post boldly declared that New York nightlife is not dead!

Why? Because of many new clubs... including our very own White Noise....

To the article!

WHITE NOISE (225 Avenue B; 212-539-0925)
SCENE: Sexy rock chicks too young to know a lot of the ’80s tunes they’re hearing lounge about on Gothic-style furniture. Co-owners Luke Brian Sosnowski and Timothy Falzone keep Maroon 5 off the playlist, and the scene lasts very, very late. Those who remember Chelsea’s defunct rock club Snitch will dig this scene, especially when bands play surprise shows. People who look like East Villagers circa 2000 will get in easily; those who discovered the ’hood post-Starbucks may find themselves left out.
CROWD: Fashion Week saw plenty of wayward models and late-night stragglers coming from events like the John Varvatos/Original Moonshine whiskey launch party.
BOOZE: A bottle of Stoli is $350, but rarely ordered and not a ticket for admission. The specialty cocktail is a $9 Jack Daniel’s honeycomb lemon mix. Beers range from $4 to $7.
PROS: Has the potential to get trippy and wild.
CONS: First-time operators may struggle to maintain control.

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nygrump said...

IN other words, only major poseurs without any talent or culture should bother us with their credit cards. another useless hole for the alcohol tourists, a vomit generator for the local residents

Lisa said...

If I go in and order a 'Joey Ramone', will the bartender be old enough or 'East Village circa 2000' enough (what the hell does that mean?) to even know who he was? And what happened to the promised Weirdo Room? Inquiring minds want to know.

EV Grieve said...

The Weirdo Room lives! It's mentioned in the Post piece... I just didn't include it here...

Goggla said...

What if I look like an EVer circa 1975?

Jeremiah Moss said...

so, according to the Post's account, the Weirdo Room is made weird by having a wheelchair placed inside it for decor. because people who use wheelchairs are so weird?