Friday, March 1, 2013

Bishops and Barons looks closed on E. 14th Street

A tipster told us that Bishops and Barons had closed on East 14th Street near Second Avenue.

We haven't heard anything official. The number to the cocktail lounge is no longer in service. And the door was locked last night around 9:30 (and there was a Kool Bloo menu hanging from the door). There's nothing mentioned about a closure on their Facebook page or website, though the "reserve now" feature says that "the restaurant you requested could not be found."

According to a description on Yelp, Bishops & Barons is "a restaurant and cocktail lounge that celebrates the days of showgirls, movie star gangsters and supper clubs."

Upon opening in May, Grub Street noted that the cocktail lounge was outfitted with "zebra rugs, plush velvet upholstery, chandeliers, and tufted leather." Drinks included The Billionaire Cocktail, with Bakers bourbon, lemon, grenadine and absinthe bitters.

The space was previously home to the short-lived Hype Lounge.


Pinch said...

It's looked closed for I would say at least 2 weeks (but maybe a little bit more). One of the owners of the Petite Abeille(s)around town was involved with the Hype Lounge and I think with this place as well.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks, Pinch.

Even when it was open it looked ... closed.

pinhead said...

There goes the enclave's 17th and 18th century charm.

Anonymous said...

Nothing stays on that side of the street. When Beauty Bar goes, forget it.

Anonymous said...

After reading the reviews on yelp I think it had something to do with poor management and lousy service..

Anonymous said...

From what I saw being a customer and getting to know the owners, Christophe, Bo, and Bill, it seemed that the owner who ownes Hype Gym, Bill, should have stayed away and let the other two run handle things.