Friday, March 8, 2013

Will Bleecker Bob's sell records inside the FroYo shop that's taking its place?

Possibly! DNAinfo reports today.

After a huge rent hike, the nearly 45-year-old shop is closing. And Forever Yogurt is taking over the space.

Per Andrea Swalec's article:

The self-serve dessert seller Forever Yogurt is in talks with Bleecker Bob's management for the fro-yo and music combo, Forever Yogurt franchise CEO Mandy Calara said Thursday.

"We're talking with them about a counter with their inventory," he said. "And we're decorating the place so it carries on the design of Bleecker Bob's."

Maybe Forever Yogurt can name flavors after classic bands... The Vanilla Fudge ... the Grand Funk Railroad Twist... Vanilla Cream... so many possibilities...

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Bleecker Bob's is for rent


edgar said...

Not the worst solution to the rent hike forcing Bob's to close. This could work out if handled with care,

Gojira said...

Let's not forget Strawberry Alarm Clock.

esquared™ said...

Vanilla Ice, Ice, Baby -- you'll be under pressure not to have it

Smashing Pumpkin -- topped with butter in the shape of a bullet with butterlfy wing. To those who are feeling melancholy with infinite sadness, today is the greatest when having this froyo.

Blue Oyster-flavored froyo -- surely will be a cult favorite

Push It -- with salt n pepper toppings

Cranberries -- for the froyo zombies

Nookie -- cookie froyo with limp biscuit toppings, just don't stick it up your yeah.

Fiona Apple -- toppings are dripped slow like honey. It's criminal not to have it.

Purple Rain -- eggplant/blueberries/purple cabbage froyo with cream topping. Let's go crazy on this one.

Mrs. Robinson -- look around you, see the one with sympathetic eyes and copy whatever flavor she is having but top it with a lemonheads

Yellow Ledbutter -- banana with butter froyo topped with pearl and jam. Just breathe before and after having it.

[all ™ © ® by esquared™]

EV Grieve said...


Ha! Very Nice!®

Anonymous said...

Just delaying the inevitable on this one.

glamma said...

well then that would be the first fro-yo place i would visit.
if these fro-yo owners have ANY CLUE what competitive advantage and additional foot traffic means, they will fully embrace and publicize the sh*t out of this.

James C. Taylor said...

So another faux-authentic "homage" to something real that once was?

I prefer aggressive corporate takeover to all this apologetic "Sorry we're making your city shit but we still want to be your friend" attitude.

Spike said...

clap....clap...clap....clap..clap..clap.clap.clap.clapclapclapclapclapclapclap esquared!

Richard Bensam said...

What a dreadful idea. Fetishizing some blurry shadow of a thing that's been lost to preserve the illusion of history while completely losing whatever it once meant. If we sell tacky CBGB t-shirts for the tourists the fact there's no such place is an irrelevance. What matters is the brand!

Bleecker Bob's was a big part of my high school years. For many years now, seeing it has been like visiting an old friend in a vegetative state only kept breathing by artificial respiration. Keeping that heart beating isn't an act of love or affection, it's just neurotic denial. It's because the place meant something to me that it pains me to see it lingering. Let her go, let her go, god bless her.

~evilsugar25 said...

here's my question: FroYo REALLY makes that kind of money to be able to pay that rent? that's nutso.

Anonymous said...

That guy was always such a prick. I dont give a shit how 'authentic' or whatever that is...he was a prick. Go to Kim's or Generation. Just as good. Other Music. Bleecker Street Records (tho I never seem to find anything -- better at Generation)....all better than Bob's. Just cos somethings old skool doesnt make it not run by a douche.