Monday, August 5, 2013

82 E. Third St. is for sale

A reader pointed out this "property for sale" sign above 82 E. Third St. ... and asked if we knew how long the building here between First Avenue and Second Avenue had on the market.

We don't know. [Per the comments: It has been for sale about three months.] There's not much info on the listing either — mostly just the $10 million price tag.

There's no mention of the building being for sale at Streeteasy, where there are two active listings for apartments available starting Sept. 1.

Here are the details on one unit that's asking $4,599:

Large Ground Floor 3 Bedroom Flr-Thru Apartment
Hardwood Floors, French Doors, 3pc Bathroom and Shared Rear Garden/Patio,
Close to Colleges
Students Welcomed!!!
APARTMENT SE- Available September 1st
Rent From Only $4,599


Steph said...

Hey, I live next to this building. It's been for sale for around 3 months.
If someone was to buy it they would need to do some serious renovations - the inside is really horrible - I cannot imagine paying the listed rent..

EV Grieve said...

Thanks for the info about the sale, Steph!

sinestra said...

Students welcome! Starting at almost $5K/ month!! Fuck, the EV is becoming a really big campus of the richest NYU students whose major contribution has to be washed off the sidewalks on Sunday morning.