Tuesday, August 6, 2013

RIP John Blanco

Several readers noted the flowers and candles outside Croxley Ales on Avenue B late last week. This is a memorial for John Blanco, a popular bouncer at the bar, who died from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident early last Thursday morning.

"He was very much loved," said one family friend of Blanco, who lived on Avenue D.

We'll share more information when it become available.


shmnyc said...

There's a similar memorial in front of the building where he lived, on Avenue D.

Anonymous said...

RIP. So sad. Last year it was another young motorcyclist who lived on 13th street who died the same way as well. On saturday night, I passed by at least 100 motorcyclist having a biker party near Delancey and now, most likely, two of its members were in accidents shortly after.