Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Slider's in the works for East 11th Street

Slider's is coming to 647 E. 11th St. The new restaurant is on the August CB3/SLA docket for a beer and wine license.

According to paperwork on file at the CB3 website ahead of Monday's meeting, the space will feature a menu with (surprise!) sliders as well as salads, wraps, etc. The configuration calls for six tables (seating 38) and a bar with 14 seats. Proposed hours are 11 a.m.-midnight Sunday through Wednesday; until 2 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.

The address near Avenue C was previously home to Kasadela, the Japanese cafe that wasn't able to reopen after Sandy.

This month's committee meeting is at the CB3 office, 59 E. Fourth St. between Second Avenue and the Bowery. Start time: 6:30 p.m.


Anonymous said...

Did Kasadela move elsewhere? I know they were trying to raise money at one point. I would be nervous about starting a business anywhere in the zone that flooded during Sandy. But it doesn't seem to be scaring anyone off so maybe they've done their research and there isn't need for immediate concern.

nygrump said...

They're going to serve intoxicants and legal drugs and some childish finger food will be available to the intoxicated. stop pretending its anything other than a delivery system for legal intoxicants.

Anonymous said...

At least it ain't biscuits!

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to those Biscuit boneheads anyway? Can we talk about that? Are they still attempting to wrest money from their girlfriends and parents to feed people lard cakes at 3 a.m.?