Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kasadela will not return to East 11th Street

As we just noted, there's a new boutique in the space that previously housed Kasadela, the popular Japanese cafe on East 11th Street near Avenue C ... an intersection that was hit hard by Sandy's storm surge.

Despite a crowdsourcing fundraiser that raised some $16,000, Kasadela's owners were unable to reopen. They held a farewell party at this location in December.

The owners explained it all in a blog post back in December:

It hurts us deeply to announce our official closure from 647 E. 11th street ... As some of you already know we suffered greatly from Sandy and though we tried all that we could to re-open our current circumstance just won't allow that to happen ... The forces that led to this decision making were many, but ultimately it was the LACK of support from our Landlord and building management ...

As far as relocation is concerned we're currently fundraising to make that happen; the economic injury we've sustained prompted a dear friend to launch a donation account for Kasadela on GoFundMe and we've applied for a small business loan offered as Sandy relief. We haven't received any coverage from insurance and the costs of renovating far exceed what we've earned. The process of re-opening will take some time and great effort, so please keep us in your thoughts and we greatly appreciate all the support we have and will continue to receive.


michpils said...

Super sad. These guys were always so nice and welcoming, served good food and a relaxing atmosphere.

Jill said...

Will be missed. One of my favorites and even though I could never read their tiny type menu in that dark room, they always brought out very tasty food after giving them total control of our ordering.