Monday, February 25, 2013

New era for tree house living room on First Avenue

It appears the long saga of the tree house living room is over. And a new era begins.

First, a flashback. As you will recall, there were pleas to keep the space here tidy. It didn't work. Trash piled up.

Meanwhile, the tree house living room attracted a steady stream of media coverage... such as in New York magazine's "Neighborhood News" feature...

Now, after a frustrating few months of back-and-forth... the tree house team members have opted for...

...plastic flowers.

(And there are even lights for the garden!) Anyway, we hope that there won't be a need for a "this is your garden not a trash bin" sign.


1 comment:

Unknown said...

People can be cruel! I’m almost positive more trash than usual was deliberately left here just to spite the people who put the sign up (but then, maybe they should’ve created one that didn’t look like trash itself!). Hardly anyone respects another’s property anymore – I’ve even seen friends surreptitiously do it to friends. Seems that the nicer a neighborhood is, the more the local community neglect to keep it looking nice!