Thursday, February 21, 2013

3-story swingers club now open on the Bowery

Well, we missed the Grand Opening of Bowery Bliss last Friday. From what we understand, it's a three-story, 4,000-square-foot, "European-style" swingers club near Delancey. It's only open Friday and Saturday nights, 10 p.m. - 4 a.m.

Here are some details via a notice on Craigslist:

New York City's newest and largest on premise swinger club

4000 sq ft on 3 floors with something for everyone
-First floor: The Renaissance Lounge (1,400 sq. ft.) offering guests a place to mingle and get to know each other:
-Second Floor: Group Play Area (900 sq. ft.) curtained and open play to all
-Third Floor: Couples ONLY Playroom (700 sq ft) ...the club within the club

-Locker room (use one of our locks or bring your own) and secure Coat Check
-Complimentary sodas and mixers served all night, located in the Renaissance Lounge
Please note we do NOT sell alcohol however we do have a BYOB policy.
-Complimentary snacks and desserts, served all night. Located in the Renaissance Lounge
-Complimentary condoms
-Complementary self serve lockers (bring a lock or use one of ours)

There is an official Bowery Bliss website with all the rules, like, you need to be a member of the club. There's also a page with fee information (single females, $20; single males, $120; couples, $100) ... and FAQs. For example: "Are 2 men and a woman allowed to attend as a threesome on couples ONLY nights?" NO. "On couples only nights each male must be accompanied with a female guest."

There was also a write-up in this at UrbanDaddy last week, who pointed out that, "There’s no liquor license as of yet. And let’s face it — probably not one forthcoming."

That would be one Community Board 3 meeting that we'd never miss.


onlythejodi said...

A) How 80s. Plato's Retreat (which grew out of the Continental Baths) will never be beat. Gorgeous. Glamorous. Totally decadent in the way that these things are supposed to be. Complete with waterfalls, smoke machines, and Donna Summer.
B) Two men don't consistent a couple? Since when.
C) Only *select* single men permitted, ever?
D) Single women are permitted on couples only nights, but not single men, not even the *select ones?
E) Okay, so this is the middle America-est, uptightest, narrowest blinders-on version of wild sex I've seen since....well, since the 80s.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

No liquor but plenty of cheese.

AC said...

I hope that this will be just like "Eyes Wide Shut."

Anonymous said...

I want to go to my manufactured swinger's club adventure but how am I ever going to find it? Let's see, I have to find a grey metal door in a "non-disclosed location" somewhere on Bowery + Delancey. I'm so excited to open the door to find what appears to be a cul-de-sac. But wait. A light beckons me to a second glass door beyond which is a curtain where I'll find steps leading up to a first floor landing with a door to my right. Oh, I just don't know if I can find the 4000 sq. ft. space. I wish I had more specific directions. Oh here's the phone number on the website. I cannot wait to go!

Anonymous said...

I'm so not there.

jdx said...

the password is "fidelio."

Anonymous said...

A huge space in primo real estate that's only open two nights a week and is cash only. Sounds legit!

The FAQs say no doorags, sneakers, "work boots" (aka Timbs), or low-hanging on men. Does that type of young man even (need to) go to swingers' clubs? What are they really trying to say? /rhetorical

Also: "Two men do NOT constitute a couple!" Bold and CAPS, really? Unclench a little. It's 2013.

Sooo ... we're talking chubby, hairy, pasty folks wearing underpants with fedoras, eating cheese and BYOBing? Sign me up for this suburban key party!!

Anonymous said...

Haha you guys are the ones getting all clenched. I agree, a swingers club is a bit '80s, but let's face it, if you don't regulate the male entrance, it will end up being a bunch of horny straight dudes all staring at each other saying "what now". A true modern swingers ideal would include all facets of the sex spectrum, but that's only a small percentage of the population, not a super great business model. BTW, doesn't the law require that you have a liquor license in order to invoke byob? I recall this being a smackdown issue a few years back.

Anonymous said...

whoops that should be "low-hanging PANTS"! ha ha.

I don't think anyone wants to imagine what else might be low-hanging at a swingers' club! Apologies!

Shawn said...

BYOB is illegal in New York State.

Makeout said...

@ Anon 11:50/12:25- I was just going to "touch" on that. Heh heh.

bowery boy said...

Seems very 80's, but there's a whole Lifestyle community of such places. Heck, even the village voice was sending out invites to a similiar place last month. Almost exclusively couples, cuz these days unchecked sex can still be a death sentence. If you think it's a bunch of ugly people then think again - screening is common. At Checkmates you get in the elevator and push the down button - if the camera person doesn't like your look, the elevator doesn't work. OneLegUp and others screen you before giving you their address. And who doesn't like Le Trapeze - it still has the same 70's decor - once hip, now retro. My biggest thrill was "meeting" Vanessa Del Rio at one of these places in SI - her birthday party! ha.

Lista86 said...

If you're bored- check out the Yelp reviews for NY's other swingers club "Le Trapeze".... I stumbled upon the place while wandering uptown, and thought it was a beautiful building with a quaint sign (they were closed at the time) and since I actually do flying trapeze, I looked it up online. Boy.... Not what I was expecting! One disgruntled patron complained that the buffet was not available the night that he went.

The buffet.

Sex club + All you can eat buffet= Ew.

Anonymous said...

Play Room? Sounds hot. Though I would not want to be a single female cornered in the locker room.

EV Grieve said...


I thought it was "BoweryBeef"

tombeez said...

Hahahaha I never understand this. Like strip clubs with sushi. Just no.

Anonymous said...

No it is not. Do your research before commenting.

Anonymous said...

As much as it sounds dangerous for single females,I'm sure they'll have a capable security team to run a tight ship, because, as a doorman in LES I know BYOB+Naked People=Mayhem x2. It will probbably have some horrible nights, and some amazing ones. Something intersting to add a little much needed sleaze to the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT post. How in the world did I miss this one. Didn't make the opening night at B-Bliss. Hear they got about 50 hit or miss couples that night. Everyone was in Jersey at the other venue, like 500 people. I was in Jersey at the SNE event. I did a couple of time see same-sex couples at SNE, but they don't allow single men. It's couples only or single girls.