Monday, February 25, 2013

East 14th Street exodus continues

With new development looming on East 14th Street, businesses in the way of the still-unspecified project continue to leave... Bargain Bazaar closed for good on Jan. 3 ... its neighbor to the east, Petland, moved to First Avenue... and now the last tenant in this three-store strip, the ABC Animal Hospital, has announced that it will relocate to 200 Avenue A, per the Local.

The move isn't a surprise — EVG regular Gojira passed along word in September that Dr. Tufaro and staff were looking for a new home.

As we first reported in December, eight parcels consisting of 222 Avenue A and 504 - 530 E. 14th St. were leased for a 99-year period by the respective owner to East Village 14 LLC. (East Village 14 LLC is a Delaware Company that registered with the New York State Department of State in October 2012.) Public records put the cost of this parcel at $35 million.

So we're looking at everything from where Stuyvesant Grocery and Pete's-a-Pizza were before the fire on May 12, 2010 at Avenue A east to, and including, the Animal Hospital. The lone exception: 520 E. 14th St. Presumably new development will happen on either side of this building.

Meanwhile, the new tenant at 200 Avenue A ends an ugly chapter in recent East Village history. The space was home to Superdive, which started its reign of woorrorism on June 25, 2009. (Relive that night here) ... then came the lengthy battle for a liquor license with the applicants who wanted to open an "art gallery with a full-service restaurant." The State Liquor Authority finally granted them a license last April after the applicants agreed to a midnight closing time, as we reported here.

However, the group, going by Hospitality LLC, figured that they wouldn't be able to make a go of it with a midnight closing time, and they moved away from the project. In October, 200 Avenue A was back on the market.

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ericfg said...

it is worth note that the ABC Animal Hospital used to be on Ave B, but was priced out by the landlord (and despite a couple spurts of construction, nothing has ever opened in that location since the vet moved out).

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Of all the things I thought would replace Superdive, and animal hospital was not one of them. Good news.

Makeout said...

Woorrorism- Good one EV

Jill said...

As long as those dogs aren't barking and puking on ave a at 3am this should be a great addition to the block.

Bronx Boy 61 said...

Theres already barking and puking on Ave A at 3AM. Just not dogs doing it.