Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Is the Living Room moving to East Second Street?

The folks at CB3 just sent out the March SLA committee docket. We'll take a more thorough look at it later... Quickly, a few interesting items to note:

• To be Determined, 269 E Houston St (aka 188 Suffolk St) (op)

An unknown applicant is looking to take over the Local 269, the live music venue that never reopened after an apparent flood last September.

• The Living Room (ACP Project), 173 E 2nd St (op)

Not sure what to make of this at the moment. The Living Room, a favorite of the acoustic-music set over on Ludlow Street, will be leaving their home of 10 years at the end of April due to a huge rent hike.

The owners recently held a successful fundraising campaign to help move to an undisclosed new home. Perhaps this is it?

As we reported last September, Klean & Kleaner, the laundromat on East Second Street between Avenue A and Avenue B, was on the market for use as a bar or restaurant.

• Heart N Soul (Mama Bar LLC), 200 E 3rd St (wb)

This is the former Mama's space... from the owner of Mama's Bar next door (no relation).

Oh, and yes — Soho House plans to expand and open a location on Ludlow Street. Good night.

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Lorraine Kennedy said...

"The Living Room, 173 E 2nd St...
not sure what to make of this at the moment?"

Does that just mean that you don't live on second street? The area is over-saturated with liquor licenses and still trying to be residential.

This block was terrible before Operation Pressure Point, and a new nightclub here is a big step backward.