Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Digging in at 185 Avenue B

[Bobby Williams]

Well, the shock and relentless pile-driving phase of construction is now over here on Avenue B at East 12th Street, where a 7-story mixed used residential building is in the works. (The building will include the new home of the Elim Pentecostal Church.)


And do nearby residents notice the difference? Said one: "Now they have a parade of noisy dumptrucks, but it isn't unbearable. The worst is the continuous loud beeps early in the morning whenever [the trucks] back up.

[Dave on 7th]

One parent told us that she worries about so much construction equipment on the move here on Avenue B with the East Village Community School right next door on East 12th Street.

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Matt said...

One consequence of the construction is another choke point on beer truck-clogged Ave. B, which is dangerous enough mornings as speeding, aggro-crazed motorists jockey with families biking or walking to school. Somebody's gonna get run over