Tuesday, December 12, 2017

More about Poke N' Roll, coming soon to 9th Street

[Photo yesterday by Steven]

There's a new sign up for Poke N' Roll at 441 E. Ninth St. and Avenue A. (We first noted this on Oct. 5.)

The new signage and the shop's social media platforms provide a few more details about what to expect here, namely poké bowls, bubble tea and fruit tea. No word though on an opening date... or who is behind this latest poké venture.

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Poke N' Roll for 9th Street


Anonymous said...

Thought the window sign said Puke and Roll, that might have been because
of the little cup, not sure.

DrGecko said...

Nobody's behind this venture. It's so totally generic that it's obviously generated by bots.

Gojira said...


Anonymous said...

That whole block is just a Icon Realty Shit Show!

Anonymous said...

How are they going to pay their $5000 a month in rent? 6 months to 8 months I give it. I wish them well but the fact they rented from Icon is a joke. Should have done their homework

Roma S. said...

I've been to there other locations in the city, the owners are very welcoming and the food is fresh! I think they'll do just fine. East Village is a great area and the Park across the street attracts many visitors.