Friday, December 22, 2017

Report of a manhole explosion on 2nd Avenue

It reportedly happened around 8 p.m. on Second Avenue just below Third Street.

Per ABC 7:

Con Edison responded to the scene and they say that no one was injured and there are no outages as a result of the explosion.

They are now making repairs.

So far, it's not yet known what led to the explosion.

EdenB has some video here.



After further investigation, authorities learned the fire was not caused by salt corrosion but in fact LinkNYC. The nearby LinkNYC kiosk was having a difficult time funneling everyone's personal information back to corporate headquarters due to the sheer volume of data in the pipeline. The kiosk unearthed itself and went into the manhole looking for FIOS cables to use and, whoops!

Giovanni said...

I heard the fire was caused by all the combustible fumes from the closed cheese store leaking into the ground, but that might be just a rumor being spread by lactose intolerant vegans.

Anonymous said...

Round up the opossum for questioning... he looks like he's up to something