Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Neapolitan Express pulling into 29 2nd Ave.

Late last month we noted that a pizzeria was coming to the empty retail space at 29 Second Ave.

Reps for Neapolitan Express are on CB3's SLA committee docket in January for a beer-wine license for the space between First Street and Second Street. As of now, only the application, which doesn't provide as many operational details as the questionnaire, is on the CB3 website.

Neapolitan Express, a growing chain that started as a food truck in 2013, is also opening an outpost adjacent to the Ed Sullivan Theater in Midtown. Their other locations are in East Harlem and on Wall Street.

Here's more about them via the Neapolitan website:

Originally launched in 2013 as the world’s first Eco Friendly Food Truck, Neapolitan Express was officially introduced by lead investors, energy innovators and business tycoons T. Boone Pickens of Clean Energy Fuels. Powered entirely by alternative energies, the Neapolitan Express pizza truck reduces greenhouse gases by up to 99%. Our patent-pending fueling technology fully powers truck operations, while simultaneously cuts down pollutants to a fraction.

The Cock moved moved a few blocks north from No. 29 in December 2015.

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Pizza in the mix for former Cock space on 2nd Avenue


Anonymous said...

a trendy pizza shop funded by a multi-millionaire republican corporate raider and ex-oil tycoon. that's what passes for small business in the new nyc. you can't make this stuff up.

Gojira said...

Oh goody, yet more pizza, brought to us by someone as Italian as the fire hydrant across the street from my apartment!

Pie Snob said...

Things I don't want my pizza to be:

- Elevated
- Artisanal
- Re-imagined
- Deconstructed
- Eco-friendly
- Low fat
- Gluten free (sorry)
- Rolled up
- Served in a cone

see Stromboli Pizza
RIP Five Roses

cmarrtyy said...


Trump World by the slice. I'm already gagging on it.

Anonymous said...

Why not create a megaslice? LOL @ a pie being in the shape of a slice.

Giovanni said...

Oh come on,’how bad can the place be when they offer a pizza named after Wall Street with shaved urbani black truffles for just $50? Welcome to BroDeo Drive.

JQ LLC said...

This is a joke. If it was possible I would buy a beer for the first comment.

There will be more of these pretentious artisanal eateries than before thanks to the ratified tax cuts for the rich aka the Oligarch Welfare Law. Since the majority of these eateries are owned by nameless LLC's. The real burn is that these glorified dumps will be able to take advantage of the commercial rent tax break law that de Blasio took 4 years to sign.

This is going to fail anyway, all the spazzy newbs prefer two bros even given their reckless spending habits and stupid ass food photographing.

JQ LLC said...

It looks like a cat took a dump on that pie too. Mama celeste pies are bigger.

Sarah said...

I've had it for lunch a couple times. Honestly, it's decent pizza, and while not cheap, not insanely priced, either. The truffle pizza is just a dumb stunt.

Anonymous said...

Why so bitter about EVERYTHING people?

sophocles said...

2:37 PM: We've discovered that you can never be too skeptical. MAD Magazine had it right.

JQ LLC said...

I like the pizza place on West 3rd and MacDougal. That should debunk your bitter about everything theory 2:37

I reiterate, these corporations are going to use, which they have clearly have doing already, trendy eateries for pass through income that will be less taxed and even more less taxed thanks to the new commercial tax break signed by the day mayor.

Anonymous said...

Because pretentious pizza goes against everything pizza?