Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Ainsworth East Village debuts on 3rd Avenue

[Photo from Saturday]

As previously reported here, the Ainsworth, the growing chain of upscale sports bars, is opening a location on Third Avenue and 11th Street.

The Ainsworth East Village (other new locations are coming to Nashville, Kansas City and Wall Street), is expected to open to the public this week. (They are apparently hosting a few private events.)

Jennifer Gould Keil has a preview at the Post yesterday:

The East Village location is 4,500 square feet and comes with 16 dining seats, 30 high top seats, and 25 seats in the bar area. It will feature cocktails like the Crooked Knife, a jalepeño-infused DeLeón tequila with lemon and agave; and the Ains Martini with Ketel One citroen, Aperol and citrus.

The Village Pourhouse closed here back in April after 11 years. The bar was expected to be E.Vil for a few Instagram moments.

Previously on EV Grieve:
An outpost of the Ainsworth vying for former Pourhouse space; E.Vil is not coming


Anonymous said...

It's incredible how 3rd ave cannot not shake the bro bar thing and when one closes it's immediately replaced by another. In a country which has so many professional sports franchises there is literally "a game" 365 days per year. There were always a TV in a bar which hung up near the ceiling often with the sound down and patrons which patron glanced at occasionally at. I remember my favorite bar in the 1970's would show "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman". Today's bar have let TV's engulf the focus from conversation to yelling and cheering.

Anonymous said...

Upscale sports bar, huh. OK.

Giovanni said...

This place is so load that the AMC Village theater will have to turn up the volume just so you can hear the movie.

Anonymous said...

There is NO such thing as an "upscale" sports bar. Ever. There's just drunk & loud, and drunker & louder.

Anonymous said...

Upscale sports bar? Do they give bros golden buckets to puke in?

Anonymous said...

I love it! Can't wait to go and I'm too old to be a "bro" and have never attended even a frat party. Just a working class stiff who likes sports and likes it even more that it makes you all so mad.

Anonymous said...


So as a "working class stiff" that Ains Martini with Ketel One citroen, Aperol and citrus sounds appealing?

There are many many sports bars around that are less-expensive that the Ainsworth. Bar None for instance.

And why would you purposefully want to make people mad for liking sports? Such "bro" behavior.

Anonymous said...

Good points @1:30

Anonymous said...

In a weird way these aren't sooo bad (The Penny Farthing, Brazen Fox, etc.) It is like a net, the big bro fish get stuck in these places. The little nice one's slip through and get to explore more east and south and really get the true EV and Alphabet City.

Anonymous said...

Finding happiness in the annoyance of local residents by noisy bars. OK. We have some real low-lifes among us here.