Sunday, December 31, 2017

Our Happy New Year

Our Happy New Year

We awaken from one year into
another, will there ever be rest?
What are we going to do,
with this new blank slate.
Can we find it within, to do,
all we have promised ourselves,
Or will we leave our promises,
For another time, another year.
Make this the year of moving,
Forward with our dreams,
Why not, let’s make some,
Good news for a change,
If you have no dreams,
Help someone who does.
Let us bring joy back.

peter radley


drew said...


Gojira said...

Wishing all on this blog a happy, healthy New Year, may 2018 be a good one for all of us. And as always, thanks to Grieve for providing this priceless platform.

Anonymous said...

happy new year to you ev grieve, to those who are part of the blog and all new york families as well...wish you health, joy & positive news in 2018 and coming yrs!!

Giovanni said...

Happy New Year to everyone. It's time to make our annual EV Grieve predictions. The winner gets a nice hot biscuit with Scotch Eggs and hipster-infused marmalade from Empire Biscuit if they ever open again. Here goes:

An East Village landlord will be found dead and naked in the middle of Tompkins Square Park, having been attacked by Opie Opossum, after the landlord tried to charge him rent for living in a tree. As a reward, Opie will be given a rent stabilized apartment.

The Bowery will be officially renamed The Boulevard of Dead Dreams in order to ward off anyone who thinks they can possibly open a succesful retail business there.

Dunkin Donuts will open more stores, and once again, everyone will be disappointed.

SantaCon will be cancelled, but local bar owners will immediately organize the new Drunk Losers In Red Suits Parade, drawing even larger crowds.

For the first time, Nail Salons, Dry Cleaners and Daycare Centers will be granted liquor licenses, and the MTA will roll out experimental bar car service on the 6 train. It will be a big success.

Something will go terribly wrong with the L train renovation, and every building on 14th Street will fall into a giant sinkhole.

The stock market will crash, construction will grind to a halt, and Crusties will take up residence into all of the abandoned condos that NYU doesn’t buy and convert into dorms.

The NY Post, the Daily News and most other local news outlets will shut down, leaving only The NY Times and EV Grieve to deliver local news.

The Cube will be vandalized with “Don’t Free Jared Kushner, Ever!” graffiti after he is locked up for impersonating a member of the human race.

Street Fairs will ban the sale of cheap knockoff goods and unhealthy greasy foods, leading to the cancellation of most street fairs.

The coldest winter ever will be followed by the hottest summer in history. Everyone will complain about the weather, but no one will do a damn thing about it.

A Happy and Healthy New Year to all, and just remember, 2018 couldn't be any worse than 2017.