Friday, December 15, 2017

EV Grieve Etc.: Lead-dust nightmare on 12th Street; more vendors for the new Essex Market

[A view on Avenue A yesterday by Grant Shaffer]

An ongoing lead-dust nightmare in this 12th Street building currently owned by Madison Realty Capital (The Villager)

City Council passes bill to increase transparency for urban renewal areas (The Lo-Down)

Thoughts on "What About Me," Rachel Amodeo's drama shot in the East Village in the early 1990s, playing Dec. 27 and Jan. 1 as part of MoMa's "New York Film and Video: No Wave–Transgressive" series (The New Yorker)

Critic Robert Sietsema likes Gino Sorbillo Pizzeria, recently opened on the Bowery (Eater ... previously)

Incoming vendors at the New Essex Market include a new concept from Radouane Eljaouhari, who ran Zerza (and briefly, the dubious 'Merica) on Sixth Street (The Lo-Down)

A cinematic celebration for Jonas Mekas’s 95th birthday (Anthology Film Archives)

A feature on the mother-son who run Au Za’atar on Avenue A at 12th Street (The Daily Meal)

Some photos from the East Village Arts Festival at the Tompkins Square Library (Slum Goddess ... previously)

Essex Crossing rental will be named for Sonny Rollins (Curbed)

The Luke’s Lobster’s "Star Wars" giveaway (The Voice)

From the Gilded Age, Christmas in the tenements (Ephemeral New York)

And several EVG readers have shared crowdfunding campaigns currently underway for two East Village residents... Barbara Caporale, a longtime community gardener and activist who has lived in the neighborhood for 40 years, is in danger of losing her home. You can read about the campaign here. There's also a campaign for Jimmy Carbone, owner of the currently closed Jimmy's No. 43 on Seventh Street. The campaign is to help him cover medical treatment and other debts. Read about that here.


Anonymous said...

This guy's blog (Skeetmotis) has some interesting reflection images

Anonymous said...

Nice job Slum Goddess. Thank you!

The library and St. Marks Church both have a history and are unique to our neighborhood. I hear that the library is really working at developing new things. Two cultural institutions that we should support and utilize. I am hoping that PS122 keeps it local, you know-that they are part of the neighborhood and for the neighborhood. And that DeBlasio keeps his committment to us for Charas. I like your friend too and any of the vendors who sell on the street. Enjoy the snow.

Eden Bee said...

yes and thanks!

JQ LLC said...

There has GOT to be justice for the victims of predatory scumlords. What's going on with those rent-stabilized tenants and the kids and everyone living at NYCHA is a form of affordability cleansing. And it's fucking criminal that the proper authorities are doing nothing about it except letting it fester by their clearly willful indifference.

Anonymous said...

Like ten minutes ago I ran into Rachel Amodeo at Muzzerella and was telling her how much I like What About Me. It's a very thoughtful portrayal of a person struggling with trauma. I'm always glad to see that her film is being shown again so that more people can experience it. And yes, it's also a nice 1990s EV time capsule featuring many of our favorite local movie stars.