Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Construction watch: 606 Broadway and 300 Lafayette

[606 Broadway from Monday]

In case you haven't been over on East Houston between Lafayette and Broadway lately...

[300 Lafayette from Monday]

Construction is booming at two nearly side-by-side sites.

606 Broadway

A 6-story mixed-use building is going up on that sliver of space between Broadway and Crosby. Once completed, the building will have about 11,500 square feet of retail space on the first and second floors with 22,751 square feet of office space on floors three to six.

Until late 2014, the space at Broadway housed the Honest Boy fruit stand for years.

[606 Broadway rendering via]

• 300 Lafayette

A 7-story boutique office building with luxury retail is going in on the former site of a BP station and the Irish pub Puck Fair. (If you're keeping track, the building will include 30,000 square feet of retail and 53,000 square feet of office space.)

[Rendering via]



Previously ... 606 Broadway...

[Photo from April 2014 via Vanishing New York]

300 Lafayette...

[EVG photo from 2016]


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Liked it better before.

xOMars said...

I miss that fruit stand.

Cosmo said...

Say what you will about gas stations, but their low profile opened up the sky. The west side of the Puck Building is now blocked in and faces a dark canyon. The intersection of 2nd Ave and 1st St used to feel open, but now it's a claustrophobic tunnel.

Anonymous said...

"a claustrophobic tunnel" a much better name for our town than "the city that never sleeps".

Giovanni said...

@Cosmo. You are so right, the gas stations not only provided gas, and even sometimes a dirty but functional a bathroom, they gave us light. And that’s why we call this the Houston Street Horridor. It’s like the next 6th Avenue Flower District, a formerly quaint historical area which is now a solid wall of impenetrable apartment towers.

@xOMars I miss that fruit stand too, especially around Christmas when it was always so busy and festive.