Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Icon's 9th Street townhouse now available for $17 million

At last look, the two units at Icon Realty's 327 E. Ninth St. were on the market for $30,000 per month.

Now though, the entire 7-level townhouse is for sale with an asking price of $17 million.

Per the listing:

This newly constructed 20’ wide townhouse is being offered for sale in its entirety. It is comprised of 2 stunning residences totaling 8,323 square feet with an additional 1,600 square feet of private outdoor space and an adjoined heated private garage (capable of fitting any sized SUV).

The townhouse, as constructed, can easily be used as a single residence or a 2-family home.

Designed by Isaac & Stern Architects with interiors by Paris Forino, this brand-new building was designed with a traditional limestone facade that stands as a new classic. Utilizing modern finishes that establish a new contemporary elegance, this home raises the benchmark for luxury living in the East Village.

The townhouse — nearly five years in the making — is at the site of a former parking lot here between First Avenue and Second Avenue.

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Anonymous said...

I refer to this building as the "East Village's 1st McMansion". I'a a big fan of most architectural styles including Beaux Arts which the architects were at best hinting at here. If this building were in the upper east side it would even look uglier in comparison to the real thing, then again I believe it would look out of place in any neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Icon "renovated" my building and judging from the tinker toy construction I've seen; the buyer will be purchasing a big list of problems.

Anonymous said...

Not hideous looking on the outside. What is hideous is Icon. Whoever buys it should be careful.

Anonymous said...

The words "newly constructed," when used in the same sentence with Icon, should make any buyer pay very close attention indeed.

$17 million? I'll wait to see who's got that kind of $$$ for that building.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why 2 mega units was the move here. Families of this ilk usually are looking in TriBeCa or UWS and UES. 5-6 smaller units would have done fine.