Monday, December 18, 2017

Pinky's Space bringing quick-serve food options to 1st Street

The Pinky's Space neon is up at 70 E. First St. just west of First Avenue... this will be the first location for Pinky's, which has ambitious plans to open multiple outlets near commuter hubs (here being across the street from the F stop).

Here are details from a crowdfunding campaign for the business:

Pinky's will be a GRAB & GO food chain offering a 7 item menu with multiple locations located in small venues (approximately 150 sq/ft) next to high traffic NYC subway stations. We will offer healthy Southern American & French style cuisine served hot and packaged fresh in vibrant packaging creatively designed for easy commute and convenient dining.

The Pinky's team is Wesley Wobles, a personal chef and cookbook author, and Mimi Blitz, who spent nearly two decades working for her mother's catering company and bakery in New Orleans.

Pinky's has a website here. No word on an opening date.

The space previously (and briefly) served as a gym for Marcus Antebi, the Juice Press founder-CEO who opened his first store next door in April 2010.


Gojira said...

"Southern American & French style cuisine" + "catering company and bakery in New Orleans" = Cajun Creole maybe?

DrGecko said...

I don't get it. They're panhandling. The gofundme page says:

"This loan can help me to achieve my goal of opening my own business and become self employed so I can eventually spend more time with my family."

But they're asking for donations, not a loan. We get their thanks, I guess, for donating (although they don't specify even that), but that's it. Sort of like Empire Biscuits without even getting a biscuit.

Please give me money so I can spend more time with my family.

This is a strange business model.

Anonymous said...

i couldnt agree more with you drgecko. is like a "new" kind of venture. i am not so into it at all. call me old but these so call "new" ideas are more like: 'let me have fun or vacation or business at the expense of others'... that kind of thing; which i dont and i will never embraced. since last year, i've refused to go to parties in which i'm not only have to bring a gift (which i dont mind), but also pay location fee + food served (for something i didnt expect). really? i was thinking after my first time experiencing it that perhaps, these people are taking people, friends, and family for granted or stupid. perhaps, they are getting smarter by the day. to me, people doing that kind of parties or vacation or business are too creppy!

Anonymous said...

How do you people have time to write comments like this... go get a PHD or fix global warming or something. Cajun influence sounds interesting... New Orleans hasn't been hit by a hurricane in a while.

Unknown said...

Social media and this forum is a perfect place to waste time. I was in the can and I found this article interesting. I wish the founders luck and hope they can contribute to make the east village super cool/ Marcus Antebi

Anonymous said...

I live next door to this place. I have tried their soup and it is pretty good stuff. What troubles me is that they don't have a kitchen, and I see them loading in pots of prepared foods in, and taking the dirty pots out. (they're sort of loud about it). That means they're cooking it elsewhere. Safe food handling is important. Maintaining holding temperatures for prepared foods is important. I have to wonder if their stew is sitting in the back of their SUV for an hour before it goes onto the warmer. It's easier than you think to accidentally serve up a big bowl 'o food poisoning. Not to mention running a commercial kitchen out of what is most likely a residence. Hopefully this location is a stepping stone to a professional grade business with a proper kitchen with a correct system for washing their pots and pans. Me personally, I'm not going to risk a food borne illness by eating there.