Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Epic note puts 440 E. Ninth St. on notice

Here's what it says:

"To those of you who disrespectfully leave your trash, broken glass and empty bottles on the roof, you are being monitored. Your cans clogged a drain which flooded the apartments next door during last week's rain. You are disgusting to let Jose and the other super clean up after your messes. Surrounding neighbors are complaining about you every week and are ready to comply with management and law enforcement and photograph you during your next rooftop excursion. Since you can not the enjoy the roof like respectable adults, we request that you stay off of it. Your skateboards are ruining the rooftop material, weakening it."

Stay off the roof or suffer consequences.

— Management, tenants.

Given the "fuck you all" written over the note, I'm guessing 440 hasn't seen the last of the rooftop skateboarding bashes.


Anonymous said...

I have so been there. Like, every Monday morning when I go downstairs and see the utter garbage mayhem the ridiculous new tenants have left for our supers. Disgraceful. And fuck all YOU who can't figure out how to use a roof respectfully or throw away trash properly.

blue glass said...

this is the 2000 mentality. what i want is the only important thing. it is an epidemic now.
if we closed all the bars that let these miscreants drink themselves into a puking loud stupor they'd find some other way to make our lives miserable.
the sidewalks are too full of nasty bikers and cars so they've moved to the rooftops.
some of them have balconies where they can push their juvenile behavior onto the folks in their buildings and the people on the street at the same time.
i don't have any answers but i'm certainly tired of all the hostile, dumb, folks that don't seem to have any thoughts other then creating new problems for others with their insentive "fun".

Lisa said...

I've spent the summer watching construction crews working 6 days a week gut-rehabbing a building on East 10th Street across the back yard from me. They're put in huge windows, built a penthouse atop a 19th century tenement and enlarged the fire escapes. I am already dreading the inevitable NYU Zoo Crews who will move in there and decide the fire escapes are the perfect place to drunkenly hang out at 4 AM and share their fun with those of us trying to sleep, or even better, get into sodden fights with their BFF or boy/girlfriend, and then wind up puking into the garden below. Yeah baby!

Anonymous said...

i live in this building, these people moved in a few months ago and have been nothing but annoying. i'm all for having a good time, but these kids just have no clue. the reason they drink on the roof is because they and or their friends, are underage. the police have been here at least once for a party of 20+ people, most of them under 21. also, they yell out of the intercom @ people walking past the building, and i've seen them hurl insults and garbage at people from the fire escape.really? so, to whom ever wrote this note, i got your back : )

Anonymous said...

We can only hope these lovely folks are sent packing thereafter condemned to neighbors exactly like themselves for the rest of their miserable lives.