Wednesday, March 20, 2013

East Village apartment with 3-level zen garden now asking $10,000 monthly

When we last checked in on 532 E. Fifth St. in the fall, the newish eco-friendly apartment building between Avenue A and Avenue B, we were admiring the $13,000 apartment that came with its own THREE LEVEL PRIVATE PLANTED ZEN GARDEN (in the all-cap style of the listing).

As nice as all this sounded, the accompanying images were seemingly (and hilariously!) taken with the camera on the fisheye setting (Walleye Vision!)


Whooooaaaaa... careful, don't fall onto the grill...

Now TOWN is the broker, and the apartments have just been relisted... and they are (slightly) reduced. Here are the two prime rentals via TOWN:

• Penthouse #5R, renting for $9,900/month, is a 3 bed, 3 bath and features a private terrace, as well as a private roof deck. The space includes a large living room, gourmet chef's kitchen with a breakfast bar and in-unit washer/dryer, with access to a private terrace. The upper level offers a second living room and access to a private roof deck. Reclaimed oak wood flooring throughout, with American slate floors in the kitchen and bathrooms.

• Garden #1R, on the market for $10,000/month, has 3 beds and 1.5 baths and features a private, three-level, 860-square-foot Zen garden, an open chef’s kitchen and dining room with southern exposures overlooking the garden. The garden-level apartment features a flex living room with stone floors, an in-unit washer and dryer and access to the garden.

And the accompanying photos (these are the garden apartment) are no longer wonky.

...and the penthouse...

No word if you can hear the patrons of the Ace Bar from up here.

[Photos via TOWN]

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Anonymous said...

I'm wondering who are going to rent these. Paying $3,300 each seems a bit high for the college crowd. A rich family with kids maybe? At any rate, it seems a lot to pay when it looks like there's only enough room for a love seat and not a full-size couch.

Anonymous said...

I live right next to this building and I do...not...understand how they are charging this much rent. They've been done building it for about a year now and I only noticed last week that one apt. was occupied. I'm not sure what type of tenant they are trying to acquire. Most people who can afford $3,000+ plus a month aren't interested in living on 5th Street in a building with no doorman.

Anonymous said...

You guys would be surprised. My old apartment is about 300 sq. feet, and it's now being rented for $3,500...old walk-up, no lobby or anything.

Uncle Waltie said...

I decided to add a pool to the zen garden You're all invited once installation is complete. Just keep ringing the buzzer.

Anonymous said...

With three bedrooms, maybe packs of investment bankers, attorneys etc. But if your going to pay that kind of money, why not just get a place of your own? Then you don't have to deal with roommates.

Anonymous said...

Is that an added POOL of personal origin?

glamma said...

this place blows. who the hell would pay 10k a month for this mediocrity?
it looks like an abortion clinic.

Anonymous said...

There isn't much zen in that garden.