Friday, August 9, 2013

Today in photos of unlocked, possibly abandoned Citi Bikes

A reader says that this unlocked Citi Bike has been parked here along East Eighth Street all morning... Maybe it's a trap?


Anonymous said...

Maybe someone got so frustrated by not being able to find an open dock that they just ditched it. Hope they don't get charged $1,000.

Anonymous said...

Maybe do a good deed and return it to a dock?

Anonymous said...

It's a trap the color of a tarp...

Anonymous said...

Public bikes, public obligation to re-dock them. I'd've taken it and redocked if I had seen it sit all morning. All things being equal, it'd be doing everyone a collective favor. Civic duty, yo.

rob said...

Maybe it's the beginning of a
movement. If everyone left the bikes out...(and brought them to bike shops when they needed repairs...)
(think of all those hundreds of bikes, just being obediently docked...)

Mark Hand The Catchman said...

I like this bike sharing programme but these docks and bikes have a LOT of problems... Half the time you can just pull on a bike and it maybe free, and I've checked my trips on the website and have seen missing end trips or the bike I've docked ended up somewhere else and this after I've docked it and its locks with or without a green light... And I pull like hell to make sure its docked. When I called the pleasant lady said not to worry about a missing end trip [at least not until you see a grand going on your card I guess]
If you see a 12 year old kid riding one most likely he just grabbed one by yanking one free... I've searched online to see if there is a way of scamming the system like bending a metrocard a certain way, but bupkiss... Also searched for horror stories involving being charged for a bike but nothing either
The whole docking depends on one pin going thru one whole on the front of the bike, block either one and you can bet you may see $1000 going on your card
I've seen bikes also just put next to full stations, and I wonder if those were freebie rides by the people who will most likely ruin this system.
Sorry for the long ass post, but better to share and be aware.

BJ said...

Watch out, because NYPD does all kinds of crazy stuff like leaving an I-phone sitting on a bench and when you walk away arresting you for theft.

Anonymous said...

I never understood that trap thing because if I see a purse or a bike or something I may want to try to fix the problem or find the owner or whatever. So, while some people may be rifling through a purse or stealing it, you still get fucked for going out of your way to help?