Friday, September 27, 2013

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning Edition

[Shopping on Broadway via Bobby Williams]

Boutique priced out of the LES finds cheaper digs on Madison Avenue (DNAinfo)

Amy talks about her brief marriage to LES Jewels (The Villager)

Video recap of Portals 10-12 (GammaBlog)

Are these the 10 best restaurants on the LES? (Fork in the Road)

Aren't there enough Chinatown bus services? (The Lo-Down)

Yay? Bloomberg threatens to stop holding news conferences (The Wall Street Journal)

Remembering the Ludlow Street Cafe (Flaming Pablum)

History of The Village Voice (Off the Grid)

Manganaro's Hero Boy is saying put (The Commercial Observer)

RIP the original Blarney Stone (Grade "A" Fancy)

An open letter to The DL from LES Dwellers (BoweryBoogie)

Appreciating the Mayfair Barber Shop (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

Williams Burroughs sings! (Dangerous Minds)

... and a reader notes that workers are hoisting some solar panels or something to buildings atop East 12th Street between A and B this morning... You always take pictures of cranes...

[Source: men installing solar panels with crane]


Crazy Eddie said...

"Are these the 10 best restaurants on the LES?"

Killer comment.

"Ten Best LES restaurants for the newbie transplant gentrifiers according to a newbie transplant."

Anonymous said...

That "LES to Madison Ave" story is a bit exploitative. The shop was on Clinton, the priciest block (or one of them) in the LES for commercial rents.

Makeout said...

Are you positive those aren't lunar panels? That's the next big thing yo.

Anonymous said...

Per a note distributed to residents this past week, 504-508 E. 12th (where the crane in the picture is being used) has been sold yet again--fourth time in 10 years--this time to a company called Kadima Management. No idea if any other buildings changed hands as part of the deal.

Jill said...

504-508 isn't getting solar panels, it's down the street. The sale was a shifting of owners in the group, nothing has changed for the tenants, its still westminster, still Kushner, same super, same address for the rent in florham park nj.