Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week in Grieview

[At the first Nuyorican Poets Cafe Block Party yesterday, photo by Stacie Joy]

Illegal penthouse disappears on East 6th Street (Thursday)

The Joe Strummer mural returns (Friday)

Astor Place ready for its reconstruction (Wednesday)

Peephole season at this community garden (Friday)

David McWater vs. residents at CB3/SLA meeting (Tuesday)

An improvement at 14th and First (Monday)

A mural for LES Jewels in Venice Beach, Calif. (Thursday)

Out and About with Christopher Tanner (Wednesday)

St. Mark's Bookshop looking for help (Tuesday)

The big plans for SPURA (Thursday)

When Tompkins Square Park had a Milk House (Monday)

The story of the old glass at the new Standard East Village lobby (Tuesday)

7-Eleven AC update (Thursday)

East Village murals of the early 1990s (Tuesday)

Stand-up comedy in an East Village apartment (Friday)

Fake fed robs real couple (Wednesday)

Citi Bike docking station posts are always fun (Thursday)

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Anonymous said...

How cute are those kids!