Friday, September 20, 2013

Watch the Joe Strummer mural come back to life in 12-plus minutes

[This morning]

Legendary graffiti artist Dr. Revolt started work on the new Joe Strummer mural outside Niagara on East Seventh Street and Avenue A back on Sunday... he put the finishing touches on it yesterday afternoon for last night's official unveiling ...

And now, through the magic of time-lapse video... here's Revolt (who is not Chico!) creating the whole thing in a mere 12-plus minutes... video by Adam Yellin.

Revolt and Zephyr created the original mural back in 2003... after the Clash frontman's untimely death in December 2002.

[Via TruthIsCoolVideo on YouTube]


Anonymous said...

So cool...thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Revolt's a gem.