Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Looking for information about LES Jewels

[Avenue A and East 9th Street this morning]

From the EVG inbox...

Amy is requesting that anyone who may have seen Jewels between the evening of Friday, September 13 after 9 pm and the early morning hours of Saturday, September 13 contact her to tell her: when and where they saw him, what they observed, and what, if anything transpired between them and Jewels.

Amy, Jewels' former wife, would also like to know of any witnesses to beatings Jewels experienced in the week and in the days prior to his death. She is asking that anyone with any information or details (nothing is too insignificant) contact her via email.

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tourist said...

is the cause of death public yet?

amy said...

no, not yet. as far as i know the autopsy won't be completed until the 2nd week of october. thanks for posting this, grieve! and thanks to all the responders and peoples' recounts of jewels through out the week!