Friday, September 20, 2013

Tomorrow is the Annual 9th Street A-1 Block Association Block Party

From the EVG inbox...

Annual 9th Street A-1 Block Association Block Party!
(9th Street between 1st Avenue and Avenue A
Saturday, September 21, 11 am – 5 pm (no rain date)

Live Music (from 12 noon - 4pm) featuring
and more!

Resident artists, crafts people, and photographers will be showing and selling their work, and residents will be selling a la "stoop sale" — antiques, bric-a-brac, clothing, accessories, music, jewelry, etc.

Raffles for gifts, discounts, or coupons from block businesses

Block businesses include:
Boutiques and Antiques: Bridal Veil Falls, ChiroFit, Cloak & Dagger, Devorado, Delto Meest, Dorian Grey Gallery, Dusty Buttons, Enchantments, Flower Power, Grey Era, Ollie's Place, Pink Olive, Polytima, Pork Pie Hatterie, Puppy Love Kitty Kat, Reason Outpost, The Upper Rust, Wineshop
Restaurants: Cagen, Dirt Candy, Good Beer, Whitman's, Zucker Bakery
Hair Salons/Barbers: Lovemore & Do, Maria Mok Salon, Neighborhood Barber


Anonymous said...

I never fail to be utterly charmed by the artwork on this poster.

Does anyone know who the artist is and if she or he has other work, a blog, etc?

Anonymous said...

Also a great chance to try out the new Tacos Morelos space where I hope they're doing well.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon @ 12:09...She's my upstairs neighbor, works in advertising, and loved making that poster -- which she had to 'steal' time out of her insane schedule to do. I don't think she's got a blog. But, I'll ask and maybe she'll post an answer here.

All of us on the block love that poster.

Nichola Taylor said...

Thank you for your lovely words! I am the designer of the poster and more of my work can be viewed here:

EV Grieve said...

Thanks Nichola! I really like the poster too.

Anon 12:09 said...

Thank you, Nichola (and Olympia)! I adore the poster, it's so detailed and sweet, and captures the beauty of our old buildings perfectly. Now I want to find one in a window and steal it (but I won't) :)