Monday, September 30, 2013

You have another chance to see Jennifer Connelly play a homeless person today

Crews return today to Avenue A/Tompkins Square Park to film scenes for "Shelter," the directorial debut of actor Paul Bettany ... and starring his wife, Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly.

They filmed in the Park last Tuesday... According to published reports, the drama is a "love story set among the homeless living on the streets of Manhattan."


Anonymous said...

Yuck, who would want to see that? Do they sit on the sidewalks with their pitbulls and beg for change while displaying pretend frowny faces?

les native said...

Empathy is a key signifier of human frontal lobe evolution. Sitting around thinking up reasons why its ok to dehumanize poor people Is more of a lizard brain activity. The strongest ape can chase off the others and take all the low hanging fruit. Theres only so much though, and its the apes that work together that can stand on eachothers shoulders and have every banana in the tree. Have you had the.privelege of a roof over your head your whole life? If so, you have no idea what you are talking about, stop thinking of ways to justify being mean and selfish and go live a meaningful life.