Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Night falls on Karl Fischer's incoming unit on East 3rd St.

We've been keeping tabs on 316-318 E. Third St., the future home of a Karl Fischer-designed, 33-unit apartment building between Avenue C and Avenue D ... However, we haven't been by recently ... and were surprised to see it cut such a full figure at night ... especially looking at it from East Houston... (Wasn't this just a pit the other day? Seems like it.)

It will look like this one day...


Meanwhile, in unrelated matters, neighbors on this same block have reported an uptick in drug sales and use... there's an emergency meeting tonight at PS 14 to address the issues.

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rob said...

The demolition of the townhouses that this building replaces is a direct consequence of the 2008 rezoning of the East Village/LES. The rezoning increased the developable (what a word!) bulk, so the EV townhouses overnight became demolition/redevelopment sites. A couple of us loudly warned CB3 that this would happen, but I don't think the board members really understood how zoning actually works.

They thought that capping heights would prevent gentrification and harassment, but they don't. Only anti-harassment and anti-demolition measures can help with that, and the city council didn't add those to the rezoning. Landlords who can't redevelop can only raise revenue by squeezing rents, evicting low-renters and catering to the upscale.

Unfortunately (from my perspective -- others here feel differently) the neighborhood was already gentrified by the time the rezoning was implemented, so it didn't make much of a difference in that regard.

blue glass said...

thank dave mcwaters
he takes credit for the re-zoning

for years cb#3 fought (and prevented) the rezoning (up-zoning) of third avenue.
too bad they supported the actual up-zoning of so much of the neighborhood under the guise of protection,

we have a long history of being deceived down here,

Anonymous said...

god what happened to good/interesting/something-other-that-a-faceless-box architecture? sheesh!

Anonymous said...

...yes, everything (everything, everything) looks the same (same, same).

Anonymous said...

Looks like a mid-priced airport hotel. Such talent we will soon be in the presence of.