Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week in Grieview

[Photo from Ben's on Avenue B via Stacie Joy]

Neighbors come together for Giuseppi Logan (Tuesday)

Artichoke taking over The Hat on Stanton and Ludlow (Thursday)

An updated look at the Astor Place reconstruction (Friday)

Paint splattering van vandals (Thursday)

Cornell Edwards Way debuts (Monday)

Check out the new penthouses above 7A (Thursday)

"Blatant drug activity" on East Third Street (Tuesday)

A pedicab to Coyote Ugly from Times Square may cost this much (Tuesday)

At the 1st annual Nuyorican Poets Cafe Block Party (Sunday)

Time to repair this hydrant on East 3rd Street (Monday)

Headless giraffe! (Friday)

David McWater resigns from CB3 (Tuesday)

The Russ & Daughters Cafe is going to happen (Wednesday)

Looking at Centre-fuge cycle 10 (Friday)

Looking at "the Grand Canyon of East 4th Street" (Tuesday)

Rent is Too Damn High's Jimmy McMillan drops a new video (Tuesday)

A new owner for 504-508 E. 11th St.? (Monday)

Why Extra Place seems quiet (Tuesday)

Out and About recap (Wednesday)


Anonymous said...

I need to know more about these pwecious tiny kittens, por favor

Stacie J. said...

Hi anonymous! The kittens were rescued by the woman holding them in the photo. She and her partner (boyfriend? husband?) had just rescued them and the baby kittens were loaded with fleas and ear mites. (I nicknamed them Flea One and Flea Two.) She was about to take them to the vet for tests and vaccines. The kittens caused quite a stir as she carried them down the block. Pretty adorable.