Monday, December 9, 2013

After 18 years, Il Bagatto has closed on East 2nd St.; but you can still get their food next door

Il Bagatto has closed on East Second Street. The restaurant took its usual summer break in late July … and never reopened.

The owners, husband-and-wife Julio Pena and Beatrice Tosti di Valminuta, made the official announcement on Friday in an email to its friends and regulars… the good news is that their sister cafe, Il Posto Accanto, remains open next door… and Il Bagatto's food is still available there for delivery.

Here is the official closure notice:

After 18 years filled with hard work, joy, so many new friends and some tears, we are closing down our first child and beloved... Il Bagatto

BUT we are all here, right next door at Il Posto Accanto!

B is still cooking, Julio is still hosting and you will recognize our wonderful family of staff that has been with us since forever both in the kitchen and on the floor.

Come to visit and support our family venture at 190 East 2nd street, have your favorite Il Bagatto dishes and let the staff help you navigate the Il Posto Accanto full menu.

I am positive you will find new favorites to add to old ones.

A listing for the Il Bagatto and Il Posto Accanto spaces at 190-192 E. Second St. near Avenue B showed up on the RKF site back in January … no word on the status of that...


Anonymous said...

I always liked the food there but gave up going years ago because even though the place took reservations, you always had to wait in the bar at least 30 to 45 minutes past your reservation time. I switched to Supper down the block--even though you end up have to wait the same amount of time or longer there, at least you don't feel resentful that you made some "reservation" that ended up being meaningless. I always suspected that il Bagatto just wanted to sell more drinks at the bar before they seated you. Either that or it was very badly run.

Anonymous said...

Julio's the man, those dudes hold down the block in an old-school way, it let's those corny college suburban kids that come here for a couple years know who's boss. the food is bangin too. good neighborhood people and solid spot. the restaurant will be missed and hopefully something comes in that compliments julio and b's way of doing things.

Anonymous said...

This is news? They announced their closing long ago, as far as I knew...

IzF said...

Il Posto Accanto is still with us and I've always preferred it to Il Bagatto.
I wish Julio and Beatrice all the best. Their warmth, hospitality and food have comforted me for a very very long time. LOVE YOU BOTH

Anonymous said...

I used to live on 7th right within walking distance and this was my favorite restaurant (pretty much in the country - certainly in NYC). I moved (all over) and haven't been back to NYC in some time. I am SUPER sad to hear it closed. Very, very sad. I'll still stop in their wine bar though. Still, so sad. =( This truly was the BEST Italian food in NYC.

Unknown said...

My partner and I spent an amazing 8 or so hours at Il Bagatto - starting with dinner and finishing at 2.30 in the morning in the downstairs bar with Julio, Beatrice and a couple of regulars.

Coming from Australia, we ended up sending scores of friends, to the restaurant over the years as the food was awesome and the owners even more so.

Good luck guys