Monday, December 16, 2013

From FroYo to piercings on St. Mark's Place

[High FroYo Season]

Over on St. Mark's Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue, the Yogurt Station covered up their windows with trash bags for months at a time … giving us the impression that they had closed for business. But they always came back for the FroYo Season.

We thought the same thing when they closed earlier in the fall. Then the sign came down… and we waited and waited to see what would take the Station's place...

… the sign for the new business arrived last Friday. (Or maybe Thursday.)


Anonymous said...

I always pegged that FroYo place as a perfect drug front.

They never put any emphasis on driving business; were clearly outmuscled by PinkBerry et. al. on St Marks, and would only-ever have one employee idly sitting around.

Those types of places can generate substantial revenue (if popular), but have low upkeep. Seemed ideal for that purpose

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

If that sign is to be believed, this must be the most powerful group of jewelers and body piercers in the where exactly? EV? US? World? Or just St Mark's Pl?

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to be on the email notification list for the monkey knife fights I hold after-hours at Big Gay Ice Cream, please sign in here.

EV Grieve said...

@ Douglas Quint

Oh! I hope that this has an Instagram account! #monkeyfights #illegal #Don'tTellDianFossey #WaitTillThrillistDiscoversThis

Eden Bee said...

I want in on the monkey fights.