Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy holidays from 128 Second Ave.

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Back in the fall, the ownership of 128 Second Ave. changed hands for $7.5 million… The listed buyers for the building between between St. Mark's Place and East Seventh Street are LLCs... with addresses that matched up to Stellar Management ("known as a premier owner and operator of commercial real estate") and Icon Realty Management, the hotshots who have bought up several East Village properties, such as 326-328 E. Fourth St.

Since then, we've heard rumors about shoddy treatment of the remaining tenants … one resident said that the building was without heat for more than five days in October, which is "more added stress on the good people being treated unfairly and pushed out of the building one by one. What a neighborhood killer."

Most recently, residents spotted this notice from ConEd, who "has not received an application for service for the light and power account in this building."

The service will be turned off "on or after Dec. 23 unless the Landlord or his Agent contact us for service."

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Anonymous said...

Part of Bloomberg's legacy is the return of days of zero tenants rights and landlords that can do whatever they please regardless of existing housing laws. Slash and burn real-estate is happening in the East Village.

Anonymous said...

Stop messing with the Stage!!!

blue glass said...

the landlord not providing electric or other necessary services is conducting an illegal eviction,
you (tenants) need to contact con ed to get electric that you can pay for and deduct from your rent. you also need to call a housing group or attorney.
and if this is not an "over site" of the landlord it means a whole lot of BS for you folks to wade through,

Gojira said...

Here again, where are the elected officials? They promise the moon pre-election, afterwards all we get is lip service and the chance to watch them frantically kowtowing to the business industry.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Residents of this building should contact the Urban Justice Center, pro bono attorneys who specialize in tenant's legal issues. Contact info here: http://www.urbanjustice.org/

Susan Stetzer said...

Tenants forgot to tell you that they have asked CB 3 to deal with this. We started speaking to management office last week and finally got report that application was submitted to Con Edison. There was reportedly confirmed receipt by Con Ed. We have name of Con Ed staff who confirmed receipt and we are now following up with Con Ed to ensure this was received and there will be heat and electricity. Issues such as this are always priority with elected officials and CB.