Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mudspot Café now open in First Park

Mudspot Café is now open for coffee business in the kiosk off of East Houston and East First Street.

As we first reported on Oct. 10, the East Ninth Street-based café was taking over the food and beverage service from S'MAC, which left the space back in July.

EVG reader Jennifer Spero, who took the above photo, notes that they had muffins and other breakfast items as well as a full coffee/espresso menu.

Updated 12:30 pm

Sorry! Not First Park! But Mud Park!

[Photo via @shmnyc]

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see their freak flags flying (well, hanging) on my way to the subway this morning. I'm a thermos guy, but come the weekend, Mud Kiosk, I'll be by.

Anonymous said...

Get that "Mud Park" shit off our public fence. Mad annoying.

Makeout said...

No breakfast biscuit comments?

Anonymous said...


BT said...

Did they have a line of fake customers posting fake yelp reviews on their behalf?

Or did they actually... sell coffee?

A little while ago I said...

1:09, a small bolt cutter should do it. :)

Anonymous said...

Why were they allowed to open and operated so close to and with such similar fare as Juicy Lucy?

Anonymous said...

Umm, because there are no laws against free market competition?

Helpful Harry said...

Why not Citi Park?

Or SantaCon Park?

Or Sold To The Highest Bidder Park?

Anonymous said...

@6.40.... Seriously?

Screaming Queens Entertainment said...

Wow, I certainly will join in complaining about chain stores etc in the neighborhood but complaining about a great local coffee shop? What's with you people?

The park started off with a great French coffee place, I was so sad to see it go. I'm glad to see MUD coming in. Juicy Lucy (Which I love) will be just fine, they are not all that similar.

Anonymous said...

They're closing the park when they close up for business. Unless they've arrangement something special with the parks department, the park is supposed to open normal park hours (dawn to dusk). Complain to 311, people - it's not their park.