Monday, December 2, 2013

Today in news about East Village laundromats and dry cleaners

As EV Grieve reader Brian Katz told us Saturday, Lucky's Dry Cleaner and Laundry on East 11th Street is closing today. (Read the post here.)

As for other laundromat/dry cleaner news... the laundromat that Mimi ran at 204 E. 10th Street closed earlier this year due to a rent hike... and, at the time, we made the obligatory comment that we really need more dessert places around here, which we figured would come next to the space. Ha. Well! Check out the new dry cleaner/laundromat in the space — Le Pressing! (Thanks to Blue Glass for the tip.)

And over on East Third Street near Avenue A... several readers recently pointed out that the East Village Launderette has closed... we don't know too much else about what happened... or what might be next. (Likely not a bookstore.)


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

A quick Googling informs me they will be pressing artisanal sammiches, not pants. Too bad.

Jennifer said...

I went to EV Laundrette for 17 years..stopped going last January when the last of the girls I knew stopped working there. Anyone know anything about what happened? It was run by a Polish guy, there is nothing to indicate closing on the doors and I only know that it simply hasn't been open.

Anonymous said...

Just tried Le Pressing - laundry, not dry cleaning. My clothes do not smell nice they way they usually do after doing the laundry and the towels are stiff. Can't help wondering if they used any soap and maybe left them to air dry somewhere.