Sunday, August 24, 2014

3rd Avenue, 8:34 a.m., Aug. 24

Move-In Day at NYU.


Giovanni said...

The sign should read;

NYU Welcomes You'
NYC Does Not (LOL)
Let The Games Begin!

Opening Day Event Schedule:

Fake ID Pickup: Noon-Sundown
Beach Bongo Beer Bash: Sundown
Virgin Sacrifices: All Day, Every Day
Rooftop Midget Toss Contest: 2AM
Student Etiquette Seminars: Never
SantaCon Orientation: ASAP

Anonymous said...

Let's be fair. These are hard-working though naive kids, who may not know that they are being horribly exploited in their volunteerism: not only in helping to exploit a new crop of exploited, but by attending NYU agreeing to pay a high price just to live in the city in a protected environment.


Giovanni, I passed by earlier too! Meghan and Josh handed me this schedule.

9AM NYU Welcome AKA congest the traffic on 9th Street!

10AM MMA Curbside Smackdown: Know-It-All Parents VS Know-It-All Teens!

11AM Walgreens Scramble!

NOON Subway Eat Fresh Parade!

1PM Picnic in the Gutter sponsored by Yum Yum Boo Boo Hut!

2PM Container Store Jamboree!

3PM Fro-Yo Mixer! Location: Middle of 3rd Avenue!

4PM Wellness/Toxicology 101 sponsored by Pedialyte!

5PM 7th Street Slip-N-Slide Championship!

6PM Rubbermaid Tote Go-Cart Races!

7PM Local BBQ! Location: All Neighborhood Stoops!

8PM 'Christen Parents Credit Card At Liquor Store' Hop!

9PM Wooo!

10PM #RooftopRager!

11PM 'We OWN This City' Scream-Off!

MIDNIGHT Vomit! Vomit! Vomit!

1AM 'I Can't Find My Flip-Flop'

2AM ...

3AM Group Call: 'I Can't Find My Way Back To My Dorm'

Giovanni said...



This one I especially liked:
1AM 'I Can't Find My Flip-Flop'

Megan said thanks for the keg donation and to give you this scheduling update:

2AM I Found My Flip-Flop, Now Where's My Bong?


@Giovanni Thanks for the updated schedule! Other Meghan told me they're having a YouTube Rubbing Alcohol Self Immolation party immediately followed by an Ice Bucket Challenge but she didn't have the location, 411 or deets yet. I'll keep you posted!

Anonymous said...

NYC does not welcome you? What a jerk - I'd like to schedule your departure- such disdain and.contempt- these are freshman for gods sake- your schedule is just being bitter- why don't you people hold.a seminar the history and culture.of.the hood? If its important- but your.schedule has you asleep by 9-so that can't happen - post a pic of.nonwhite kids and see.what comments you get

Anonymous said...

@3:37 Are. You available. To teach. A. Class. On your creative use of the. Period?

Anonymous said...

Yeah my heart bleeds for the affluent white young adults.

Anonymous said...

Did any of you have a chance to do silly stupid things when you were young or were you always a jaded hateful donkey?

Anonymous said...

What freaks me out is the thought that those little tykes in the photo might be the RAs or something.

Anonymous said...

@3:37 Meghan you sound angry. Get some fro-yo in a hoof, you'll feel better.

Anonymous said...

It's not worth responding to the churls here.

Anonymous said...

NYU students don't want to know the "history and culture.of.the hood" they want the suburban experience, hence the references to all the chain stores. I pray you're not one of them cause you're sa-low.

Scuba Diva said...

I hope Jerry the Peddler will give some walking tours of the hood this semester—and that curious students will take them.

Anonymous said...

8:30 PM -- Let's Get a Jump on Spring Break and Treat EV Like It's Señor Frogs

9:30 PM -- Naked Dunk Twister!

10:30 PM -- Beer Pong!

11:30 PM -- Corn Hole!

"It's not worth responding to the churls here", because you can't.

Giovanni said...

On a serious note: While we all enjoy making fun of the flood of rude incoming students and newbies and their loud rooftop parties, it seems that every year there is another tragedy from all the wild parties that take place at the end of the summer.

Last night on Sullivan Street, another young woman fell to her death while dancing at a rooftop party in Greenwich Village. We hope and pray that these rooftop parties end, and that incoming students and others stay safe.

NY Post: Partying MoMA intern ‘brain-dead’ after dancing off roof

An intern at the Museum of Modern Art literally danced to her doom while partying on a rooftop in Greenwich Village early Sunday.

The 23-year-old was swaying to the music when she tripped, lost her balance and plummeted four stories to the ground at 1:10 a.m., police sources said.

Sources and friends identified her as Cindy Yeh of Brooklyn. She’s originally from San Jose, Calif., and had been working as an intern at MoMA, according to social-media profiles and friends.

She appears to be brain-dead at Bellevue Hospital, authorities said.

Investigators are trying to determine if she had jumped up, onto or near a ledge before falling from the Sullivan Street townhouse.

NY Post

Anonymous said...

And today is the garbage pickup day from the move in. The loud and smelly truck got here at 6:40am and as of 7:55am it is still here being loud and smelly. NYU wonders why they have a bad rep in the hood?

Anonymous said...

Garbage in. Garbage out.