Monday, August 25, 2014

'Rat Castle' condos now on the market

Spotted this banner headed to Katz's yesterday.

Hey, condo sales are underway at 179 Ludlow St., the looooong-stalled (2006!) mixed-use building that earned the nickname "The Rat Castle" from the Voice back in 2008. (The then-abandoned project attracted rats galore at the time.)

The banner promises a 179 Ludlow website, though it doesn't appear to be active yet. (The link goes to an Elliman broker's site.)

We'll stop back there later.

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Anonymous said...

Just a question- Do the folks at Katzs own the building? Do they have air rights they can sell? I hope they own it and can stay as long as they wish.

JAZ said...

That ground floor retail space is a perfect spot for my new 'locally sourced concept':Rat Shit in a Hoof.