Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Reader mailbag: Where can I get my Mac fixed now?

From the EVG reader mailbag:

My MacBook Air is on its last legs and needs repair. Any sense where our neighbors are taking their machines in for repair now that Digital Society on East 10th Street has left us? They were so awesome. The folks at Tekserve can be obnoxious — a bit too much testosterone. And I'd rather take sandpaper to my [redacted] than go to an Apple store.

Sandpaper! Anyone with Mac-repair advice?


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Anonymous said...

If it is still there, The Little Laptop Shop (on Clinton St.) is really great. I gave my business to both The Little Laptop Shop and Digital Society, really personable, helpful and kind staff as well as geographically close to me so I never experienced Tekserve.

I hope you can get your machine fixed; both The Little Laptop Shop and Digital Society never sneered at what I brought in, be it an ancient Dell with dial-up internet or an iBook G4.

-- Former East Villager
(Off-topic, but could someone please tell me how to identify myself besides writing at the bottom and posting anonymously? Do I need to have a website to use the Name/URL feature? Thank you)

Anonymous said...

Dr. Brendan's Mac Repair

Anonymous said...

And D&Q at 206 Avenue B between 12th & 13th, west side of the avenue.

They've been good for me with windows and I hear they're good with macs, too.

Anonymous said...

Call Bob! He makes house calls and has kept all my Macs running for decades. And he's worthy of an Out & About in the EV feature, even though he's in Brooklyn.

EV Grieve said...

Thanks for the comments so far!

@Former East Villager

You may use the name/URL option... and just leave the URL part blank.

vzabuser said...

I fix macs daily. I used to work for David Lerner and Dick Demenus at Tekserve.

Trixie said...

"You may use the name/URL option... and just leave the URL part blank."

That's good to know. Maybe that's why there are so many anonymous comments. No URL. I'll admit to usually going with google because it puts up a picture of me, but what about the other options Open ID and what all?

Anonymous said...


Marjorie said...

I've also had very good experiences with Rossmann on First Ave. I've taken an iPhone, a laptop AND a desktop there. They're a bit gruff and brusque (but nowhere near as bad as Tekserve!) but they do excellent work at a reasonable price with a quick turnaround, and I get an ethical vibe from them.

Anonymous said...

I go to tekserve. I noticed this week while in Minneapolis that the Mac store had closed too. I wonder If Apple has cut out third party vendors in some manner or if it's just easier to buy online.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Thanks for this post and thread! I'm bookmarking it.

Scuba Diva said...

Tekserve is my choice; I originally went only to them, when they were in their smaller space in the Traffic Building farther west on 23rd street.

Anonymous said...

D & Q Computer Repair at 13th and B. Great guys, very helpful.

Crazy Eddie said...

“D & Q Computer Repair at 13th and B. Great guys, very helpful.”
Only have Windows but I’ll second Anonymous 4.50 PM on their service and expertise.