Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A visit to Enz's Boutique

Photos and text by Stacie Joy

After seeing Facebook posts after the recent one-year anniversary party for the Park Slope location of Enz's, we decided to revisit the original Enz's (home of Real Rockin’ Clothes) in the East Village.

Owned and operated by Mariann Marlowe (photo above), the rockabilly and retro clothes shop has been at 125 Second Ave. location for the past 13 years after relocating from St. Mark's Place. (The store dates to the 1970s on Grove Street.)

Mariann mentioned that she always wanted the shop to be on Second Avenue and she has done wonders for the slim space that used to be a cellular phone store.

Every surface is packed with clothes (for men, women and kids), accessories and products, jewelry and makeup for sale. The shop carries designs for sizes xxs to xxl so most folks can be clothed there.

We asked Bianca Dagga to model some of the clothes that Mariann designed and styled, as well as a few from other retro clothiers.

Mariann (a one-woman whirling dervish) didn’t stop moving, talking, cleaning and styling; travel plans were made, images taken, people clothed, smiles exchanged and neighbors chatted up. Mariann has designed for and clothed artists ranging from Dirty Martini and Amanda Lepore to Lou Reed and Debbie Harry. (She has also worked on shows such as "Law & Order" and "Satuarday Night Live.")

During the brief time we were in the shop many people dropped by to shop and talk shop. Drag queens looking for something couture and spectacular, a duo of sisters with their mom looking for high-waisted skinny jeans and ’50s-inspired tops, and international traveler Alejandro who graciously agreed to pose with Bianca (and who tried very hard to get her number). Layrite pomade was mandatory for this look.

Enz’s is open every day, usually from noon until 8 p.m. The store has policies that can seem a bit off-putting if you aren’t familiar. First off, you need to be buzzed into the shop. And appointments are strongly suggested, especially if you plan to try on items in the surprisingly spacious dressing rooms or receive styling assistance from Mariann or one of the shop gals.


Dan C. said...

I bought my first pair of steel toed shoes at the Grove St. location. Such a young punk rock puppy I was then. I'm glad the store is still around.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to Australian partner IANS on St Marks?

Barbara M said...

After seeing Cher in a fabulous white leather fringed jacket in Vogue.1986.or so.....I ran to Enz to get one made..It was GORGEOUS ❤️