Thursday, August 28, 2014

How the Bowery will soon be 'wholly unrecognizable'

[Photo by Nathan Kensinger]

Today over at Curbed, photo journalist Nathan Kensinger takes a look at the ever-changing Bowery ... providing 20 updates on current or upcoming developments.

Despite the luxurification the past 10-plus years, "this 'land rush' is only now reaching its peak, and in the next few years, the already altered landscape of this once scrappy, iconic boulevard will become wholly unrecognizable."

The post includes a quote from EVG as well as Jeremiah Moss.


Anonymous said...

Some of this is crazy. Do the Ace Hotel people think they can just drop a hotel NEXT DOOR to the Bowery Mission? Good luck trying that. I'm sure they will build considering how much money they've spent but the mission isn't going anywhere and neither are those who eat and get clothes there. At least that section always seemed beyond the developers. I wonder what will happen during the winter when the homeless form a line outside waiting to be let in to sleep on the benches in the chapel. Last year I'd see the line stretch down the block- right past where this hotel is supposed to open. Unbelievable.

nygrump said...

I think the answer is simple, the Bowery Mission is on its way out and the Ace Hotel people know that, just like the Salvation Army up the street. The Mission'll say their services could be better and more efficiently used elsewhere. The unfortunates have no real need to be on Bowery other than thats where their mission is.

Caleo said...

Stunning. And I read an interview with Jay Maisel several years ago where he stated he would never sell his incredible building. Guess he finally caved in.
As long as his building was there, covered in grafitti, it gave me hope that some shard of old New York would survive. I was wrong.
Developers literally won't stop until they have transformed every block in Manhattan.

Scuba Diva said...

Caleo said...

Developers literally won't stop until they have transformed every block in Manhattan.

Why should they? If it's cheap and there's a demand for luxury housing, then just luxurify it.

Anonymous said...

Nygrump- You are correct. I spoke to a friend today and the speculation is the Bowery Mission will eventually stop having guys sleep in the chapel during the winter and cut back on the rest of their services. This will drive these guys elsewhere where they can access services. And that's the goal right? Drive out the homeless and the poor and the low income. Might as well rename the street and get it over with. Can we have a giant 'funeral' for the bowery?