Thursday, August 28, 2014

What it will cost to live behind Katz's

[EVG photo from Sunday]

As we pointed out on Monday, the long-delayed condo project is ready for sales action at 179 Ludlow St. (In 2008, the Voice dubbed the long-stalled building "The Rat Castle" thanks to its rodent infestation at the time.)

The Real Deal got the scoop on what to expect:

The building will contain six floor-through condos above the ground-level retail space. Each of the units on the second through fifth floors is nearly 1,100 square feet with balconies at the front and rear and loft-style elevator access. The second-floor unit also has access to a private garden. Prices start at $1.65 million.

Hopefully the aroma of Katz's pickles won't bother these folks.

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Anonymous said...

"Aroma" is a nice way to put it. Is that weird overhanging "fire escape" really necessary or is this some wacky architects idea of paying tribute to the old buildings?

Anonymous said...

tenants will also have to step over their garbage directly to the right of their door and the a-holes that pack that street at all hours.

Anonymous said...

The rats won't matter to the Russian and Chinese millionaires who will buy them with cash and will never live there.

Anonymous said...

The dumpster is absent from the rendering (where what looks like the bimmer is parked). Hahaha! Boy, are they in for a surprise.

That Katz's loading area is always busy with loud banter and movement. Ohhhh, how will the yunnies enjoy their terraces????

Anonymous said...

The building looks like a prison.

Anonymous said...

And all of those catwalks will make robbery a breeze!