Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New sidewalk bridge for 309 E. 8th St. as tenants face landlord Steve Croman in court

[309 E. Eighth St. file photo]

As The Real Deal reported, five tenants of 309 E. Eighth St have filed suit seeking a halt to construction at the building owned by Steve Croman of 9300 Realty.

This is on top of the lawsuit some residents filed against Croman here claiming that he has has engaged in a "campaign of harassment, abuse and neglect" since taking over the property between Avenue B and Avenue C in December 2012.

According to The Real Deal, Croman will face the tenants today in New York City Housing Court.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, we noticed a truck parked in a rather dangerous fashion on Avenue B at East Eighth Street. Workers were unloaded pieces for a scaffolding.

Turns out that it was for a new sidewalk bridge outside 309 E. Eighth St.

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