Wednesday, August 20, 2014

[Updated] Ricky's coming to former Blockbuster space on East Houston Street

As the signage shows here along the Shoppes of Red Square, another Ricky's is on the way. (The Lo-Down noted this first yesterday.)

The space at 250 E. Houston St. between Avenue A and Avenue B had its last full-time retailer here in March 2012 when the Blockbuster closed. (Soho Billiards contemplated a move here, though those plans never materialized.)

As for Ricky's, this will be the third location in the East Village … there are 22 Ricky's in Manhattan alone. Soon to be 23 places in Manhattan to buy the Pub Crawl Santa suit.

Anyway, guess this means the Halloween City pop-up shop won't be back

Updated 6:29 a.m.

Ah! BoweryBoogie notes that this location will only serve as a Halloween pop-up shop. He has an interior shot … which looks to have a temporary grab-and-go (but pay first!) set up… Anyway! NEVER too early to start planning your Halloween costume! Will do a post on that as soon as I buy my xmas decorations…

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Anonymous said...

Ricky's needs to clean up their acts after they leave their monthly Halloween lease stores, case in point their Halloween location on carmine street, 6 avenue left 1 entire year empty, and a mess.