Friday, December 12, 2014

TakeMeHome Rotisserie Chicken hasn't been open lately after just 3 weeks in business

The quick-serve restaurant opened Nov. 23 at 151 Avenue A between East Ninth Street and East 10th Street.

And TakeMeHome Rotisserie Chicken has been closed the last two nights … and the owners haven't left any notes about a temporary closure due to some unforeseen circumstance. And there isn't any outgoing voice message. (We couldn't even find a Yelp review for them.)

IF this place is closed for good … it won't be any recent closure record. In 2011, an Italian restaurant called Tre Scalini closed after less than two weeks at 130 St. Mark's Place.

As for 151 Avenue A, the San Loco closed here back in February. The CB3/SLA Liquor Licensing Committee voted to deny high-profile restaurateurs Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield a license to open a bar cafe here in May.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this would be a shame. Tried it last week and the chicken was actually really tasty.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Flew the coop?

Anonymous said...

Problem is that now that rents are so high if you can't make your money selling tons of booze you can't make the rent. In this way greedy landlords also contribute to the poor quality of life associated with drunk people and illegal nightclubs being run out of bars.

Anonymous said...

The guy running this place has little idea what he is doing. At some times during the stated business hours (11 AM - 10 PM) the shop is open, but has no food ready; other times he is in there with the door locked; other times it is simply dark.
The chicken is good rotisserie chicken; I fear that the enterprise is doomed because the owner/operator lacks business sense.