Thursday, November 8, 2018

Atino Eyewear Optical closing at the end of the month on 7th Street

Angel Suarez is closing Atino Eyewear Optical at 110 E. Seventh St. at the end of the month.

In an email to me, Suarez said that everything was "on the right track until Sept. 1." Business for the shop that opened in March has dropped off drastically since the end of the summer — by nearly 60 percent.

"I have been open and working seven days a week now and I have come to the conclusion it is finished," he said. "This is rough."

Suarez, a Brooklyn native, spent seven years at Robert Marc in the West Village and three years at Selima Optique in Soho before opening here between Avenue A and First Avenue.

He's holding a going-out-of-business sale on frames through the end of the month. (Find more details at the store's website.)


sophocles said...

It's a tough business, I imagine. On the one hand, I like to try on a frame to see if its flattering (though I've gotten good at judging by the pictures and the measurements). On the other, the prices of frames are mind boggling ($300 for a piece of plastic?), so I'll shop online for the best price (price matching, anyone?), then bring the frame to Chinatown for the lenses. Ebay has some great deals if you know what you are looking for.

Anonymous said...

I've walk past this spot on a daily basis. It's a beautiful store, however with larger places such as Warby Parker devouring brick and mortar, it must be hard to stay afloat in todays financial climate. Best of luck to this kid.