Saturday, December 1, 2018

Another Year Without a Trailer Park Santa Claus on 14th Street, though there is a bear

EVG regular Pinch shares this top photo from the Christmas tree vendors on the northwest corner of 14th Street and First Avenue.

In what may be a first for this spot, there's an inflatable bear on the scene this year. (We need to check the EVG microfiche to be sure.)

And unlike previous years, the tree vendor does not have the Cousin Eddie-style camper parked on 14th Street (because of the new SBS lane?).

Also, the Santa inflatable is new and clean, unlike the grubby ol' St. Nick — Trailer Park Santa Claus to some — that had been greeting the corner in recent years...

[On loan from the EVG Permanent Collection]

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Anonymous said...

It would nice to see an expose how these Vendors get to take the same spaces EVERY YEAR and Clog/Block the sidewalks. Who gets paid( for this privilege?