Saturday, March 13, 2021

Saturday's parting thank you note

A note as seen on First Avenue and Fifth Street (thanks Karen!)... 

To the guy who 
found & returned 
my wallet today 
(Saturday), thank 
you so much!!! 
Sorry I was frazzled 
& didn't thank you
enough. I am so
grateful. — Emily


Anonymous said...

I found a cell phone on a corner in Kip's Bay last week. As the light began to turn, I hurried across Second Avenue, after a woman who'd just made to the other side. She couldn't hear me, so I waved the phone at an oncoming woman a short distance ahead of her, who pointed to me. But it wasn't hers. Now what?

It wasn't locked, so I started calling numbers, thinking someone might know who the handset belonged to — both tries went to VM. Next, I searched for the wireless service provider, thinking I'd just drop it at the closest opportunity, and they could return it.

Then a dude on a skateboard came roaring up, clearly the owner retracing his path.

Unless he'd been watching me the whole time, and made a very good impression on a gullible good Samaritan, who was all too eager for the right outcome.

Will the real New York please stand up?

Anonymous said...

Emily, I did that once to someone who found my wallet & had just woken me from a nap so I was flustered. that was over 30 years ago & I still feel guilty for not being more grateful for the effort made. So thank you to everyone who has ever returned a lost wallet etc !!