Tuesday, June 7, 2022

First red-tailed chick takes maiden voyage

Photos by Steven 

The first of Amelia and Christo's three 2022 red-hawk offspring has fledged... leaving the nest yesterday for a sturdy-looking branch in a tree away from the nest. 

Looking good!
Steven reports that a second hawklet made it out of the nest, landing in another part of the tree "and kind of got stuck for a bit in the thin branches."

The three chicks have grown so quickly (the first hatch was April 17, per Goggla).

Expect a lot of young hawk activity (flying at low altitudes, for instance) in the weeks ahead.

Given some potentially unsteady flying, please check out this post via Goggla about what to do if you need to reach someone regarding an injured hawk, falcon or other NYC wildlife. 


stephen b said...

I guess everybody knows these are exceptional photographs. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for the hawks! Love the terrific photos!

derek berg said...

Love these shots Steven. Kudos!

Sam Flayderman said...

Amazing shots thank you so much for sharing!!!

Asher said...

Awesome shots. Keep ‘em coming!